Buying a used car

A used car is a significant purchase and there are plenty of things that can be wrong with one you're thinking of buying. In fact, hundreds of thousands of cars in New Zealand have some kind of issue with them that can be picked up with a simple vehicle report. See our buying check list.

Lemon cars

  • The odometer may have been wound back
  • The current owner owes money on the car - a security interest - which might mean it could be repossessed after you've taken ownership
  • The WoF, registration or CoF may have run out
  • It's been reported stolen or is otherwise wanted by the police
  • It was imported damaged.

Avoiding the traps when buying a used vehicle

Many people already get a pre-purchase vehicle inspection, but an essential part of any vehicle buying process should be to get a vehicle history report. This will ensure you know of any security interests, can see the status of the WoF, CoF and registration, can view the odometer history, know whether it's wanted by the police, and also if it was damaged when imported.

Or you could take a risk, but $20 isn't much when you're paying thousands of dollars. Don't get left with a lemon car - get a vehicle report from Checka - it keeps vehicle sellers honest.