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Get a comprehensive Checka vehicle report within seconds
Get a comprehensive Checka vehicle report within seconds

Check a vehicle now

Get vehicle information and a history report about your car, truck, bike, van or one you are thinking of buying. Don’t risk your hard-earned cash – check if a vehicle is stolen, has money owing, or has had the odometer wound back.

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Checka vehicle reports

Get a comprehensive vehicle report for instant peace of mind. Don't buy a vehicle that may have hidden problems

Why check?

There can be many hidden problems with a vehicle. With a Checka vehicle report you can avoid:

  • Purchasing a vehicle with a wound back odometer
  • Having your car repossessed due to debts registered against the car, which were not disclosed by or unknown to the seller
  • Dealing with an expired WOF
  • Buying a car with a lapsed or cancelled registration
  • Buying a car that was imported damaged
  • Spending money on outstanding Road User Charges (RUC)
What we check for
  • Debts registered against the vehicle
  • Odometer readings
  • Ownership history
  • Vehicle's previous number plates
  • Registration status
  • WOF or COF status
  • Road user charges (RUC) status
  • If the vehicle is New Zealand new
  • If the vehicle was imported damaged
  • If the vehicle has previously been deregistered
  • Government fuel economy and safety ratings
  • Engine no., VIN, chassis no., and other details
  • Free price comparison (where applicable)
Checka Business Accounts

We provide an integrated platform for businesses:

  • Wholesale report pricing
  • CIN, Sale and purchase agreements
  • Vehicle appraisal and valuation documents
  • Fuelsaver labels
  • MR13C - Trader acquisition
  • MR13B - Notice of acquisition (individual)
  • Registration renewal
  • Driver licence verification
  • Free unlimited sub-user accounts
  • Full name and address information of private owners is available to NZTA authorised businesses only.
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The vehicles we check

We can check anything with a number plate or VIN.
This includes:

  • Cars and Trucks
  • Caravans and Trailers
  • Motorcycles
  • ATVs
  • Earthmoving machinery
  • Buses
Our data providers
New Zealand Transport Agency
Personal Properties Security Register