The Checka developer API allows us to exchange information

Have you got a product or service which could use vehicle information returned from a license plate or VIN lookup? The Checka developer API allows you to integrate the Checka system directly into your software, website or service.

CarPartsRUs Limited

Hemi sells car parts via his website. He gets a lot of customer enquires to purchase car parts but unfortunately a lot of customers do not include important vehicle information like Make, Model and Engine Size of the car they are enquiring about.

Hemi contacts us and asks - "Can you provide an easy way to get Make, Model, Engine Size and other vitals so we can make it easier for our customers to order products?"

Our answer?... YES!

We provide vehicle information directly to Hemi's website developers. They are able to add a vehicle lookup option to his website. Customers can enter their license plate (or VIN) into Hemi's website and the vehicle information is automagically provided as part of the enquiry.

Customer satisfied?... YES!

Hemi's cost of sales has been reduced as well as a dramatic reduction in the headaches experienced by his customer service team.

Sounds cool. What does it cost?

There is a monthly charge to access to Checka developer API and a per-check charge (rates are negotiable). Please contact us for more information.

If you are a developer and just want to get on with it see our documentation for the Checka API Version 2.0