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Ideal for one-off vehicle checking

A casual user requires no registration and can purchase reports anonymously. Buy a Checka Pre-Purchase vehicle report to make an informed buying decision.

  • $14.95 Checka Pre-Purchase vehicle report.
  • Pay by Credit card or Account2Account.

Check for hidden problems before you buy. No waiting, our report is prepared for you instantly.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Private owner details are available to NZTA authorised businesses and individuals only.

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Checka Business Account User

Ideal for registered motor vehicle traders, finance companies or frequent users

Register for a Checka Business Account if you require a high number of vehicle reports.

  • $6.95 Checka Pre-Purchase vehicle report.
  • $2.95 Base Checka vehicle report. (Excludes Security check (PPSR) & ownership history)
  • Free unlimited sub-user accounts.
  • Full name and address information of private owners is available to NZTA authorised businesses only.
  • Pay by Direct Debit.

If you are a multi-outlet business please Contact us for our business account options.

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Pre-purchase checks sample base full
Stolen vehicle or Police interest check
Registered Owner verification
Trademe vehicle price comparison
Vehicle identificationMake, Model, Year, Colour, VIN, Sub Model, Engine & Chassis numbers
Vehicle information Vehicle Type, Body Style, Number of seats, CC Rating, Power & Transmission, Fuel Type & Alternative Fuel Type, Assembly Type, Country of Origin, Gross Vehicle Mass & Tare Weight, Maximum Rated Towed Mass, Axle Type, Number of Axles & Wheelbase, Front & Rear Axle Group Ratings
Warrant of Fitness expiry date W.O.F
Certificate of Fitness expiry date C.O.F
License & Registration expiry date "Rego"
Subject to Road User Charges R.U.C
R.U.C expiry date
Odometer history Odometer records taken during vehicle inspections
License Plate history a full history of plates that have been on this vehicle
Full ownership history See vehicle ownership changes and how long each owner owned the vehicle

NOTE: Private owner details are available to NZTA authorised businesses and individuals only
Number of New Zealand owners
Reliable odometer as at last inspection date
Imported damaged Water, Fire or Write-off (at the border)
Registration cancelled If the registration been cancelled we show when and why
Right-car information Economy, Carbon Emissions, Driver Safety, Pollutants
Fuel-saver information Estimated fuel cost - Day, Week, Year
Security check Money owing or Outstanding debt
Pre-sales management support    
Driver License verification  
MR13C - Trader acquisitionChange of ownership (trader)  
License renewal Registration label  
Sales Documentation    
Sale agreementsample
Consumer information notice C.I.Nsample  
Purchase agreementsample  
Vehicle appraisal documentsample  
Vehicle valuation documentsample  
Post-sales support    
MR13B - Notice of acquisitionChange of ownership (individual)