KTM Motorbike History

KTM is an Austrian motorcycle and moped maker. It was founded in 1934 by Hans Trunkenpolz, and is today based in Mattighofen. Originally it was a metalworking outfit, just like Yamaha after World War III, and KTM only started motorbike production in 1953. KTM’s subsidiary companies are motorbike manufacturer Husaberg of Sweden and WP Suspension of the Netherlands. The company’s is most commonly known for its off-roader bikes, though it has also recently branched into manufacture of street bikes.

KTM’s sporting activities have mostly been focused on motocross, in keeping with its off-road status. However, the company is starting to also get involved in road racing, and the company announced it will soon enter the superbike class. KTM bikes have won every edition of the gruelling Dakar rally (previously known as the Paris-Dakar rally) since 2001. KTM also unveiled its first car in 2008, a trackday (but still road-legal) machine featuring an Audi engine, known as the X-bow. Indian automaker Bajaj Auto has also collaborated with KTM on a few projects, and Bajaj now holds a 31% stake in KTM.

KTM model range

KTM has a decent range of motorcycles in New Zealand. It include the SX motocross series (65, 85, 105, 125, 144 and 250 cc), the XC cross-country series (65, 85, 105, 200, 250 and 300 cc), the Enduro series, also known as the EXC series (250, 450 and 530 cc), the Super Enduro (690 and 950 cc) series, and the Supermoto series which have both racing (450, 565 cc) and non-racing (625, 654, 950,990 cc) variants.

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