Available information

  • 1 The registration has lapsed
  • 2 The license (rego) expired on 23/12/1999
  • 3 This report was created on 19/03/2020
  • 4 This caravan has not been reported stolen and is not wanted by the police
  • 5 This caravan has no known security interests (money owed)
  • 6 This caravan has had 2 New Zealand owners
  • 7 Current registered owner: Information withheld

Caravan details

Caravan history

Date Event Event
31 Dec 2001 Registration cancelled (Cause unknown)
31 Dec 2001 Previous registered owner
Owner for
Private owner - Information withheld
18 Oct 1991 First registration in NZ (Re-registered vehicle) (plate: M1085)
18 Oct 1991 Current registered owner (as at 19 Mar 2020)
Owner for 28 years, 5 months
Private owner - Information withheld


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2 warnings found
  • Registration has lapsed
  • License (rego) has expired

Plates history

Plate Date
M1085 1991, Oct 18

License (Rego)

Expires: 23/12/1999
Last issued: 9/12/1998
Type: Licence
Continuous license: No


Status: Lapsed
Usage: Exempt Class A (EA)
First NZ registration: 18/10/1991
Last NZ registration: 18/10/1991